28th Jun 2022
  • World Autism Acceptance Week 60th Anniversary

    A huge thank you to all the pupils, staff and parents for taking part in the World Autism Acceptance week that took place during the week between 28 th March to the 3 rd April 2022. As this year marked the National Autistic Society 60th birthday, the school put together a collection of 60-themed fundraising activities. To help pupils understand the difficulties some people will autism face, the school went into darkness on Wednesday 30 th March from 9.15 - 10.15. Sensory issues are common in people with autism which may include sensitivities to: Sights, Sounds, Smells, Tastes, Touch and Balance.
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  • Scientists of the term

    The wonderful faces you see here are our KS1 & 2 mini-Scientists of the term! They have been working extremely hard all term in Science and have been leading the way with their enquiry skills, knowledge and commitment to lessons this term. 
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  • Commonwealth Choir

    The Commonwealth Choir were rehearsing and recording their performances pieces at the Guards Chapel in preparation for their performance on Commonwealth day on March 14 outside the horse guards parade in Whitehall.
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  • Jean Michel Basquiat

    Jean Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) is the historical street artist behind these colourful and vibrant ‘Street Art’ pictures by year 6. The children were eventually able to lose their inhibition about wanting to create the ‘perfect’ picture and learned to be fearless - drawing with vitality the pictures they wanted to create. They were bold in their line drawing. Sketching quickly and be undaunted by their use of colour.
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  • Diaromas

    The children had the opportunity to create a diorama for World Book Day of a story they love. These were created in a box the children were very creative in what they produced. Various types of materials were used and amazing craftmanship. There was a range of stories produced from Charlie and the Chocolate factory to fairy tales.
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  • Displays

    As we promote the love of reading in our school, we regularly update our corridor displays to show the appreciation of how we love reading. There is a range of authors stories around our school and these will encourage the children to read more. The displays also reflect the diverse culture we live in.
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  • Anti-War Posters

    Year 6 discussed the war in Ukraine and the children have created posters and prayers following our talk.
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  • Storytime Buddy Project with Year 6 and Nursery

    Our wonderful pupils in Year 6 were part of a special writing workshop, led by our Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Casely. Each pupil in Year 6 were partnered with a nursery child. The Year 6 pupils learnt about illustrations and narratives aimed at younger pupils. They explored the simplicity of language, the use of repetition and how illustrations play a fundamental role in telling the story.
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  • St Edward's World Book Day

    On Thursday 3 rd March we celebrated World Book day to celebrate our love of reading. Staff and children dressed up in their favourite characters from stories they love. All were very excited as they had a range of activities throughout the day. We started the morning off by doing a 'Where's Wally' search in the playground.
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  • Art Week 2022

    What an amazing Art Week it has been for the children at St Edward's! The theme for the entire school was printing. Taking photos of the children focused and on task was a privilege. The concentration and enthusiasm were palpable.
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