28th Jun 2022
  • DT Competition
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  • Aspirations Week

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  • Roberta Moore: Visit to St Edward's Catholic Primary School

    Yesterday, we had a wonderful event at our school, which has been featured in the Daily Mirror, please see the attached report. Our children were delighted to meet Roberta Moore, Bobby Moore's daughter, who was here to recreate a famous photo from 1973. In the original photo in 1973, Bobby Moore had his picture taken with St Edward's children to celebrate his 100th England cap. We invited Roberta back to St Edward's to have a similar picture taken with our current children.
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  • Oliver Twist assembly

    Beech class presented their class assembly with a performance of the Oliver Twist story which they studied in their English lessons. Oliver Twist is about a Victorian orphan boy who led a difficult life during the early 1900's. He gets in with the wrong crowd whilst trying to escape the workhouse life. He, fortunately, runs into some much needed good luck and lives happily with his uncle.
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  • Year 3 Epiphany Pilgrimage

    In celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, we too paid homage to Him by visiting Him at the crib of various churches in central London. Fortunately for us, and keeping inline with our Catholic calendar, some churches traditionally keep their crib on display up until the 2 nd February for the feast of the Presentation also known as Candlemass Day. Year Three pupils, parents and staff walked from Farringdon to Westminster, accumulating 15000 steps to admire and pray at the beautiful Nativity scenes of St Peter's, St Patrick' s and Westminster Cathedral's Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was a beautiful cross-curricular experience of our Religious curriculum being linked with Geography and Art.
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  • Year 6 visit to FairPlay House - 30th October November to the 3rd November 2023

    Fairplay Outdoor Education Centre provides a wide range of outdoor experiences for Primary Schools. Staff at Fairplay worked directly with St Edward’s to design a bespoke programme that met the needs of our pupils, as well as the Geography, PSE and PE curriculum. St Edward’s individual programme include a a water sport activity, high adventure, team building and environmental sessions. All of our sessions were designed with a focus on our three core values, RESILIENCE, TEAMWORK and INDEPENDENCE.
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  • King's Coronation

    On Wednesday the 3 rd of May the whole school celebrated the King's Coronation with a wonderful picnic in the playground. The playground was decorated with balloons, flags and photos of the royal family. The children enjoyed a lunch of sandwiches, drinks and cakes outside on tables decorated in red, white and blue and special coronation glasses. As a treat the children also had delicious ice pops to share with their friends.
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  • Year 4's visit to Kidzania

    Year 4 went to KidZania in Westfield London, to challenge themselves in every way possible; from 'working' to earn money, to deciding whether to 'bank' it for later or spend their hard earned money! Children had the opportunity to become a pilot, a fire fighter, or the next award-winning singer! They were able to try out more than 60 real life role-play activities in the bank, on stage or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer! Each role-play experience was crafted to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.
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  • Oliver Twist

    On Thursday the 30 th of March our children had the wonderful opportunity to watch the Oliver Twist show performed by the M & M theatre company. The children really enjoyed the show and joined in with the singing and dancing to this classic story. The actors did a brilliant job and portrayed the roles of Oliver Twist, Artful Dodger and Fagin in the classic Charles Dicken's style. We look forward to welcoming them back next year for another amazing performance.
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  • Jamie Knight Football Freestyler

    On 9th February, St Edward’s welcomed Jamie Knight, the Freestyle Footballer to our school as part of ‘Aspirations Week’. Jamie Knight is currently one of the world's best and most in-demand Professional Football Freestylers. Jamie has travelled worldwide working with the most prominent global brands, comprising of the likes of Nike, Adidas & Red Bull. Jamie's performances include some of the most prolific sports events such as an on the pitch performance at the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final in front of 80,000 people and a global audience of 200+ million and also an on stage performance at the 2018 Laureus World Sports Awards in front of the world's best athletes past and present.
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