• Chestnut Class Assembly

    Chestnut class put on a wonderful performance for their class assembly by telling the story of The Gruffalo. The children looked wonderful in their costumes and had learned all their lines. There was lovely singing and dancing too and the family and friends that came along had a brilliant time. Thank to Ms Ellul and all the staff who worked with the children to get them ready for their show.
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  • A great day out at London Zoo!

    Year 1 enjoyed a fabulous day out at London Zoo as part of their Science learning. Both the children and staff got to see a range of different animals in their natural habitats.
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  • Year 6 Summer Soiree pictures

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  • Teddy Bears Picnic

    On Thursday the 4th of July our Nursery children enjoyed a Teddy Bears Picnic at school. The sun was shining and parents/carers came along to be with their children for fun, games and delicious food. Thank you to the Nursery staff and our PTA for working together to set everything up and ensuring that the children had a wonderful day.
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  • Blitz Detectives

    Year 6 went on an Educational Visit linked to their History topic to West Ham Park where they became Blitz Detectives. They had opportunities to unearth clues to the local events that took place in WW2. This included map reading, code breaking and clue solving to discover what happened at the park during the war.
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  • Cooking fun

    Some of our children have been taking part in cooking lessons to develop their understanding of how food is bought, prepared and cooked. They have made fruit salads, flapjacks and fairy cakes. Look out for many more delicious and exciting recipes to come.
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  • Japanese Club

    Some Year 4 children enjoyed a Japanese after school club with Ms O’Connell, who had a previous life working in Japan! They looked at Japanese language and writing, they practised using chopsticks, and they heard about different aspects of Japanese culture. Do you know what ikebana is? Ikebana means flower arranging.
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  • CYO Performance at St Edward’s

    On Friday the 21st of June the Common Wealth Choir came together for an end of year special performance at St Edward’s. The choir sang some of their beautiful songs and we were honoured to have Roberta Moore back. Roberta enjoyed the performance and commented on how talented the children are.
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  • Father’s Day Fun!

    The PTA organised a wonderful father’s day event on Wednesday the 12th of June. Some of our dads (and Mr Underwood) came along to be part of a football match. It all got very competitive but at the end of the day it was an opportunity to come together and celebrate.  
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  • Thorpe Park Trip

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