Roberta Moore: Visit to St Edward's Catholic Primary School

5th Feb 2024

Yesterday, we had a wonderful event at our school, which has been featured in the Daily Mirror, please see the attached report.
Our children were delighted to meet Roberta Moore, Bobby Moore's daughter, who was here to recreate a famous photo from 1973.
In the original photo in 1973, Bobby Moore had his picture taken with St Edward's children to celebrate his 100th England cap. We invited Roberta back to St Edward's to have a similar picture taken with our current children. We also managed to trace a good number of the children from the 1973 photograph and they were able to join us yesterday as well. Plus we had the actual photographer from 1973 join us, Kent Gavin.
Our children were delighted to meet Roberta, Kent and our ex-pupils to hear about their stories and memories of Bobby. I know that many of our children managed to get Roberta's autograph as well.